Firefighters, make sure to conduct maintenance on your aircraft

Summer season is upon us and in recent years that has unfortunately meant that we are about to be faced with wildfires. Last seasons California wildfires have been some of the worst we’ve seen, ever, and it’s important to be prepared for when things start to go south. That’s why today we’re going to talk about the importance of proper equipment maintenance when talking about firefighter preparedness and readiness.

Firefighters, make sure to conduct maintenance on your aircraft

You might be wondering now, how exactly are we connected to firefighting, and why are we even talking about it. Well we’re not connected to firefighting at all, at least not directly. We are however connected to helicopter and light aircraft repair, that’s our bread and butter. We’ve dealt with our fair share of firefighting tanker airplane repair, and that’s why we are now writing this post.

So if you are running a fire department and you have air unit under your control, make sure that you do regular maintenance on the machines. It’s too late to do it if your equipment needs to get out on the field, when there’s an emergency already underway somewhere. Luckily it hasn’t been all that dry just yet. Drought or equivalent of it hasn’t hit just yet. In fact, in most of the country, and in most of the world, it’s been a surprisingly wet spring. Danger of wildfires is relatively low for now. There’s still time to make the necessary tasks for when emergency does come around and knocking.

So like I’ve already said, if you are a chief of a fire department, and you haven’t done it until now, go and make sure that your aircraft has been checked by an experienced mechanic, who can make sure that everything is properly running for the demanding tasks that these airplanes are faced with. Firefighting aircraft do fly through a lot of smoke. They fly low when loading up with water, and in all of these situations there’s a lot of things that can go wrong with the aircraft, mechanically speaking. Go now and call aircraft mechanics, if you’re close to Bella Gusta, you can of course call us, but it doesn’t have to be us. Just make sure that whoever it is that you do dnc up calling are professionals and that they’ll be able to do the job right. This coming few weeks we’ll be unavailable, because we’ve been called up by a firefighting squad from the south of Austria, and we’re going on a repair there. Naturally we’ll also be squeezing in a small vacation in there as well. After that, we’re here to help out with your repairs. Call us.

The Bella Gusta team.