Bella Gusta is a small California based aircraft repair shop which mostly focuses on the repair of helicopters and light aircraft. We’re a relatively new company, founded in the early 2015. Bella Gusta team consists out of a decent number of young aircraft mechanics and engineers who decided to start their own company after not being satisfied with their jobs. Running your own company has its drawbacks, but also a lot of advantages and we haven’t looked back since we started our little repair shop.

Company has been growing since 2015, and up until now we’ve had hundreds of clients. We do everything from smaller repairs, regular maintenance to huge restorations and retrofitting of aircraft. We can do pretty much everything you need, but the best way for you to find out if our little company is the right man for the job is to get in touch with us and talk with the team directly about your request. Send us a message, call for an appointment or set one up in person. Whatever you do, we’re here to help you out with almost all your helicopter and small aircraft needs.