Best light aircraft recommendations for beginners and casual flying

Today we’re going to be giving a recommendation about which light aircraft, light plane to be more precise, people can buy and use for casual flying for travel over smaller distances, enjoying the scenery or if you just happen to love flying and want to start somewhere. We’re not talking about helicopters this time but rather smaller planes.

Best light aircraft recommendations for casual flying

In essence what we’re going to be talking about here today isn’t going to be anything that people who are involved and have any kind of experience with aircraft don’t already know. Best light aircraft for beginners and those who are only interested in casual flying would definitely be Cessna, most notably the Cessna 172.

Cessna 172 is one of the most popular light aircraft on the market, with over 45,000 units produced. Original series of Cessna 172 was produced from 1956 till 1986. Due to the popularity of the model Cessna Aircraft Company decided to brig the model back and continued production in 1998 which is active to this day. Of course the newer series of the planes were modernized and updated. Cessna 172, depending on the model can be had for 200-300k, depending on the year and condition. Some alternatives that you can buy are Cirrus SR22, Diamond DA40 and Piper Cherokee.